Happy Journey to Qingdao & Rizhao

2017-08-17 14:41:00
Summary :In hot August, Henan Lanphan season three team building activity of three-day travel to Qingdao & Rizhao finally began. Everyone is get ready for the three-day’s journey to the beautiful blue ocean.

In hot August, Henan Lanphan season three team building activity of three-day travel to Qingdao & Rizhao finally began. With excited mood, Lanphan fellows began to prepare for the travel, swimwear, sunscreen cream, sandals, sun umbrella... Everyone is get ready for the three-day’s journey to the beautiful blue ocean.

On August 11th, we gathered in front of the company building early in the morning, took bus to Rizhao at Shandong Province. Rizhao Wanpingkou scenic spot is the nearest bathing beach to Rizhao downtown, also the Second bathing beach of Rizhao City. This bathing beach is good in sand quality and complete in facilities. Since it is near to downtown, it is the most crowded bathing beach in Rizhao City. “Travel to Rizhao, Wanpingkou is a must visit place.” Meanwhile, all kinds of seafood is another outstanding character in the costal city of Rizhao.

We finally arrived in Rizhao at 4 in the afternoon, the first station is Rizhao Qiqu Sea World, where we enjoyed the sight of various marine life and interesting sea dog performance.


Sea World

Then we went to lighthouse scenic spot, where we completely relaxed ourselves. In front of the blue ocean, we sitting down and feeling the charming sea wind under sunset, what a cozy scenery!


Look! Handsome David Liu!

The next day, we got up early to May Fourth Square at Qingdao. The coolish morning sea wind gradually blow away our tried for early get up, Lanphan fellows stretched themself and pressed legs with the gentle breeze. Hello, Qingdao’s sunshine!


Hello Sunshine!

We saw many people running around the May Fourth Square, what an energetic morning, we can’t help hold the Selfie stick to keep this wonderful moment.


Selfie with Sea

It seems that we can’t enjoy ourselves to the full if always watching the sea in front of a handrail, so we began our yacht trip later. Riding on the big ocean, breathing the seal wind, touching the splashing sea water, looking over the well known Penglai Pavilion, we deeply fall in love with this costal city.

In the afternoon, we went to the long awaited Huangdao Golden Beach. Huangdao Golden Beach is on the southeast coast of Huangdao development district, named after its gold color sand. Comparing to other bathing beach at Qingdao, the Golden Beach’s water is more clean. It is known as “Asia First Beach”, and rewarded as AAAA level scenic area in China.

Beautiful Amanda Liu

Once arrive at the beach, we can’t wait to put on swimwear and jump into the sea. Surfing, swimming, playing with sands, or just sitting on the beach, whatever you do, always having fun.

Qingdao, Huangdao, Rizhao, Golden Beach, where we swim together and play together, on this wonderful place, we throw away the intense and serious in office, completely relaxed ourselves.

This journey greatly promoted the relationship between Lanphan fellows, smiling face can be seen in everybody, when playing in the sea, we holding the swim ring together, hand by hand, heart by heart, that moment we truly believe we’re a family.

Musle Men

Beach Train

Two Beauty

Last day is a raining day, fine rain drive off summer’s hot and dry. We finished the journey by riding on a speed boat, the fast speed made us scream and laugh, sea water and raining water mixed together covered on our cloth, but it doesn’t matter, black clouds left soon, and we seize the sunshine to took a group picture on green grass and red flowers. Eventually, we draw a happy ending to this journey.

Speed Boat

Lanphan Family

We bring our mind back from Qingdao and get ready to work. Actually it doesn’t matter where we go, what matters is whom we play with. Lanphan fellows help each other, understand each other, take care each other, our hearts are jointing together, this is TEAM.

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