The Main Components of Fabric Expansion Joints

2017-03-31 09:50:00
Summary :Fabric Expansion Joint is an assembly that utilizes a fabric belt element to allow for the movement of ductwork, which is opposed to a metal expansion joint which allows for the movement by means of convoluted metal bellows. In this paper the author would like to describe the main components of fabric expansion joint.

Fabric expansion joints consists of bellows, end tubes, brackets, flanges and conduits. As a compensation component, the fabric expansion joints is operated by using the effective deformation of main components. The fabric expansion joints is a common type of pipe fittings, which plays an important role in installation process. In this paper, the author would like to make a brief introduction to the main components of fabric expansion joints.

Generally speaking, the fabric expansion joints is made of fiber fabric, rubber, high temperature resistant materials. It is also capable of compensating the deformation of pipelines and vibration of turbines and tubes. It boasts two kinds of connection, including the flange connection and pipeline connection. Moreover, the fabric expansion joints also include four types, which mainly include the straight type, duplex, angle type and square.

fabric expansion joints

fabric expansion joints

The main components of fabric expansion joints can be concluded as following:


The skinned is the main expansion body of fabric expansion joints, which is composed from the better capacity silicon rubber, high silicon oxytetrafluoroethylene and alkali glass sink. Such material boasts such functions as absorbing the amount of expansion, preventing gas emission and rain leakage.

2.Stainless steel wire mesh

The stainless steel wire mesh is the inner layer of fabric expansion joints, so as to prevent the impurity of the flowing medium get into the expansion joints, and the thermal insulation material lost outward.

3.Insulation cotton

The insulation cotton boasts the double function of insulation and air tightness of fabric expansion joints. Besides, it consist of glass fiber cloth, high silicon cloth and various types of cotton. It also has the same length with the outer skinned, which boasts good extensibility and tensile strength.

fabric expansion joints

fabric expansion joints

4.Insulating filler layer

The insulating filler layer is the important guarantee of the insulation, and it consists of such high temperature resistance materials as multi layer ceramic layer. Besides, its thickness is determined by temperature of flowing medium and high temperature resistance materials after circulation.


Frame is the outer bracket of fabric expansion joints, which aims to guarantee enough strength and stiffness. Moreover, the materials of frame is suitable to the medium temperature. In general, under the 400℃,it is advisable to use the Q235-A. However, it is suitable to use stainless steel and heat resistance steel above 600℃.


Baffle serves as a critical equipment with the functions including diversion and protective insulation.

The above mentioned text is a brief introduction to the main components of fabric expansion joints, which mainly includes the skinned, stainless steel wire mesh, insulation cotton, insulation filler layer, frame and baffle. If you want to know more about this, please contact with us.

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