Nine Features of the Seamless Steel Pipe

2017-03-16 09:15:00
Summary :The seamless steel pipe market is of varying quality. In this paper, the author would like to make a brief introduction to the nine features of the seamless steel pipe.

Seamless pipe is free from welding lines, it is manufactured from steel ingot or solid pipes, widely used in pipe network for liquid conveying. The seamless steel pipe market is of varying quality. In this paper, the author would like to introduce you nine features of the seamless steel pipe.

seamless steel pipe

Seamless Steel Pipe

Nine features of the seamless steel pipe:

1.Seamless pipe is easy to fold. Because some manufacturers increase the rolling reduction in order to seek high efficiency, and it will fold when it comes to next rolling procedure, and the folded seamless pipe will craze after bending, and the strength of seamless pipe will greatly reduced.

2.Seamless steel pipe always has pitted surface. Badly groove abrasion result in a irregularity surface of the seamless steel pipe.

3.Seamless pipe surface is easy to become scarred. One season is uneven raw material and much impurity, another reason is some weak manufacturers are inferior in manufacturing equipment, they just dead burning the seamless pipe.

4.Seamless pipe is easy to have crack. Because sun-dried mud brick has more air holes, it is easy to crack under thermal stress during the cooling procedure, so crack appeared after rolling.

5.Seamless pipe always has no metallic luster, usually in light red color. Sun-dried mud brick is one reason, another reason is the irregular rolled temperature, visual inspection steel temperature can not be rolled according to regular austenite.

6.Seamless pipe’s transverse bar is thin and low. Unqualified manufacturer always make fist rolling reduction larger, which has smaller steel shape and will not be filled up completely.

7.Seamless steel pipe’s cross section is oval. For the sake of saving material, some manufacturer will increase the rolling reduction for first two roller, this will greatly reduce the deformed steel bar’s strength, and it is not according with the regulation of deformed steel bar boundary dimension.

8.Seamless pipe’s raw material contains much impurity, steel density is less and has serious dimension over proof.

9.Seamless pipe has uniform ingredient, high shearing machine tonnage, well-lubricated and ordered top crops end face.

The above mentioned text is nine features of the seamless pipe. Henan Lanphan is a qualified company that boasts a good reputation on the market both home and abroad. Lanphan also produce the seamless pipe. If oyu want to know more about this, please contact with lanphan. Our email address is [email protected] We are willing to provide you the information as much as you need.

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