The Maintenance of Stainless Steel Pipe

2017-03-01 14:01:00
Summary :The stainless steel pipe has been widely applied in all industries. In this paper,the author would like to make a brief introduction to the maintenance of stainless steel pipes.

The stainless steel pipe is in the shape of round steel, which boasts a wide application in petroleum, chemistry, medicine, food, light industry and etc.. Moreover, under the condition of same bending strength and light weight, the stainless steel pipe is widely applied in manufacturing mechanical components and industrial structure. Due to the wide application of stainless steel pipe, the author would like to describe the maintenance of stainless steel pipe in this paper.

The hardness of stainless steel is usually measured by three indicators, including the brinell, rockwell and vickers. The brinell hardness is the most important factor among the standards of stainless steel. Generally speaking, it is normal to adopt indentation diameter to indicate the hardness of such material, which is convenient and intuitive. Although the stainless steel boats good corrosion resistance, the maintenance of it is of great importance.

stainless steel pipe

stainless steel pipe

The maintenance of stainless steel pipe can be summarized as following:

1.The most ideal equipment to clean the stainless steel are rag and stainless steel oil. It is adoptable to pour the stainless steel into the rag, but the amount of stainless steel oil should be kept in certain amount. Then, you should use the rag to wipe the stainless steel products back and forth.

2.If the stainless steel is kept outside for a long time, it is advisable to use the soft rag to wipe the water and dirt. If it fails, it is also adoptable to use the alkaline soap to clean it.

3.It is forbidden to use the steel ball and steel brush to clean the water on the surface of stainless steel pipe, because it is easily to cause the rust so as to affect the service life of stainless steel pipe.

stainless steel pipe

stainless steel pipe

4.If there is any oil or grease on the surface of stainless steel, we should first use the soft dry cloth to clean, and wash it by neutral or special detergent. Too much detergent will led to the appearance of rainbow pattern. When it comes, it is useful to get rid of it by warm water or neutral detergent.

5.If there is any dust on the surface of stainless steel, it is also preferable to clean by alcohol and organic solvent. After removing the dust, we could use the soap, weak lotion and warm water to clean.

6.Fingerprint is frequently appeared on the surface of stainless steel. In this case, we should use organic solvent(ether, benzene) or alcohol to clean it first, and then wash it after drying it with a soft cloth.

7.In terms of the rust caused by the pollution on the surface of stainless steel, we should use the nitric acid(10%) or grinding detergent.

The above mentioned text is a brief introduction to the maintenance of stainless steel pipe, which includes the methods to clean stainless steel oil, rust caused by pollution, fingerprint, dust and etc.. if you want to know more about it, you should contact with us.

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