Rubber Products
Rubber Shock Absorber Rubber Shock Absorber
Rubber shock absorber also known as rubber damper, rubber vibration isolator and rubber mounts. Rubber shock absorber can be used in anyplace where need to absorb and isolate shock.
High Pressure Rubber Hose High Pressure Rubber Hose
High-pressure rubber hose is usually composed of inner layer, braided or wound reinforcing layer and outer layer. Commonly used in the fluid pipeline withstanding a certain pressure (often higher pressure) and temperature. Lanphan production of high-pressure rubber hose is able to reach higher pressure with superior pulse performance. The tube is close integration, less distortion under pressure since flexibility. At the same time, it features excellent resistance of oil, heat, aging, winding and fatigue.
Rubber Seal Ring Rubber Seal Ring
Rubber seal ring is a annular cover which composed by one or several components, fixed on a ring or gasket of bearing, and formed a narrow gap with the other ring or gasket, in this way to prevent lubricating oil from leaking.
Rubber Hose Rubber Hose
Rubber hose is a kind of flexible rubber pipe whose function is to deliverymaterial and medium of all kinds liquid and powdery solid and pump or discharge gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, engine oil crude oil and mineral oil.
Rubber Gasket Rubber Gasket
Rubber gasket is a slice shape rubber product who plays function of sealing between two static surface: one is metal flange, and other connection parts. It is applied to all kinds of mechanical equipments, acting as function of backing, sealing and buffering.
Rubber Elbow Rubber Elbow
Henan Lanphan rubber elbow is composed of fabric enhanced rubber and loose metal flange, used for vibration isolation, noise reduction, and displacement compensation. It is a flexible connecting fitting which used for delivering various liquid and powdery solid materials.
Flange Type Rubber Hose Flange Type Rubber Hose
Henan Lanphan flange type rubber hose is a kind of flexible rubber pipe whose function is to delivery material and medium of all kinds liquid and powdery solid(under positive and negative pressure).
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