Why Choose Lanphan Clamp Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint?

2017-10-06 11:22:00

Clamp type flexible rubber expansion joint use clamp to connect pipes instead of flange. Clamp type rubber expansion joint has the same rubber sphere structure comparing to flanged flexible rubber joint, the only difference is connection method. Clamp type rubber joint has advantages of shorten building period, low cost and easy to install. For some working conditions, clamp type rubber joint is the best choice, why choose Lanphan clamp rubber joint?

rubber expansion joint

clamp type rubber joint

1.Clamp rubber joints save the cost of flange and bolts. The locking equipment is fine in design, it is easy for installation and maintenance, greatly saved building cost.

2.Clamp rubber joint is no need of turning edges, so it simplify the manufacturing process of rubber expansion joint and saved raw material.

3.If users need to clean or replace the clamp type rubber expansion joint, they just need to dismount the two clamps and bolts, really convenient and easy.

4.Clamp rubber expansion joint is the ideal pipe joints for reducing structural delivery noise and absorbing vibration, also it has high density and excellent elasticity.

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