The Advantages of Expansion joints

2018-07-05 10:22:00
Summary :The expansion joints has a wide application in various fields, such as installation, manufacture and etc.. In this paper, the author would like to describe the advantages of expansion joints.

The expansion joints serves as a new products which connects such equipment as pump, valve and pipe fittings with pipelines. The expansion joints connect these pipeline by using the bolts, making them become an integrated part. It is adoptable to use the expansion joints accounted for thermal expansion when the concrete get hot in summer. The expansion joints also has a wide application in buildings. Moreover, it also boasts some displacement which is capable of compensating the distance change. In this paper, the author would like to make a brief introduction to the advantages of expansion joints.

In general, the expansion joints can be divided into several types, including the AY type gland type expansion joint, AF type flange type loose sleeve expansion joint, BF type single flange limit expansion joint, B2F type double flange limit expansion joint, BY type gland loose end limit expansion joint, CF Single flange transfer joint, C2F double flange transfer joint, etc. The expansion joints is made of such materials as QT-400,Q235A,HT20,304L,316L.

The advantages of expansion joints can be concluded as following:

1.The expansion joints is of great importance in the pipeline installation, and it is used to offer an protective measure to compensate the temperature change caused by pipeline and bellows. It also serves as a new provide necessary help to the installation process.

2.The expansion joints is capable of adjusting the size in accordance with the actual requirements, which can not only improve the efficiency but also bring the protective measures to such equipment as pump and valve.

expansion joints

expansion joints

3.The expansion joints can be applied in various fields, among which the most common one is to make the connection between pipelines. In this way ,it plays an indispensable role in transportation, and reduces the transportation costs.

4.The expansion joints boats easy installation, which is capable of bearing the axial tension of pipelines.

5.The expansion joint is made of metal casting or welding, and the trapezoidal rubber sealing ring is selected for the loose part under the function of the gland and the bolt.

6.The expansion joint in the pipeline can effectively compensate and alleviate the thrust of the pipeline and the blind plate, and can facilitate the installation and repair of the pump and the valve. It is the most ideal accessory product in the pipeline installation and operation industry.

The above mentioned text is a brief introduction to the advantages of expansion joints, which mainly include the easy installation, thrust compensation,wide application, size adjustment and so on. If you want to know more about this, please contact with us.

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