Five Functions of Bellows

2018-07-11 10:31:00
Summary :Thia paper mainly introduces the five functions of bellows, including compensation, vibration absorption, deformation absorption, heat transfer efficiency and pressure adjustment.

Bellows, also known as compensator, is a flexible, thin-walled, horizontally corrugated telescopic function, which consists of metal bellows and components. The bellows has a wide range in our daily life, including the instrumentation, chemical industry, manufacture and so on. Bellows boasts a great variety of types, for example: metal bellows, bellows expansion joints and etc.. In the past passages, the author has introduced a lot about the bellows, such as its type, usage and so on. In this paper, the author would like to talk about the five functions of bellows.

Bellows serves as a flexible component to conduct the pressure measurement. It is capable of measuring the pressure, which plays a significant role in such fields as the media transportation, power trading, machine tools and home appliance. A qualified bellows can be determined by many factors, including its rigid, sensitivity, effective area, service life, sealing,natural frequency and temperature. Moreover, the bellows also plays a significant role in various fields. Thus, the functions of bellows can not be ignored.



Five Functions of Bellows:

1.The bellows is capable of compensating the axial, lateral and angular thermal deformation caused by the pipe. Due to the flexibility of bellows, it is capable of dealing with various deformation. In this way, many difficulties in the industry can be solved with the help of the bellows.

2.The bellows can absorb the vibration of the equipment, so as to reduce the impact of equipment vibration on the pipeline. Vibration is the main factor that may cause tough issues in the installation process.

3.The bellows is capable of absorbing the deformation caused by the earthquake and subsidies. The earthquake and subsidies are the natural disaster that can not be avoided, the invention of bellows can greatly reduce the huge effect caused by the natural disaster.



4.The bellows can increase the efficiency of the heat transfer, so as to largely reduce the energy wasting. Heat transfer is of great important whether in the manufacture industry or in the daily life. Therefore, the appearance of bellows can compensate for the energy wasting.

5.The bellows boasts low cost, reliable performance and long service life, which can adjust the pressure according to special need. In manufacture industry, the requirement for the pressure is various and strict, so the bellows can better meet the different needs of pressure.

The above mentioned text is a brief introduction to the five functions of bellows, including compensation, vibration absorption, deformation absorption, heat transfer efficiency and pressure adjustment. If you want to know more about this, please contact with henan lanphan. Henan lanphan is a qualified company, which boasts good reputation both home and abroad. We also produce the bellows and adjust the size of bellows according to the customers’ need.  We are wiling to provide you as much information as possible, and our email address is the [email protected]

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