How to Make an Enquiry on Flanged Expansion Rubber Joint?

2018-02-20 09:35:00
Summary :The flanged expansion rubber joint is the ideal plumbing setting and pipeline laying out equipment, it becomes the essential pipe connection element in piping system.

What should we consider when purchasing flange rubber joint?Today we are going to give you a brief introduction.

The flanged expansion rubber joint is the ideal plumbing setting and pipeline laying out equipment, it becomes the essential pipe connection element in piping system. The flanged expansion rubber joint consists of internal layer, fabric reinforced casing ply and external rubber layer, connect with clamp or flange to compensate movements in pipelines.

rubber pipe expansion joint

rubber pipe expansion joint

Rubber materials of NR, NBR, FKM, EPDM, IIR, CR, EPDM could be used separately or combined to suit for different medium and environment. The rubber pipe expansion joint installed in pipeline to bear pressure, absorb shock, reduce noise and compensate movement.

Knowing the basic facts of a rubber pipe expansion joint, we’d like to offer you the matters should pay attention when making an enquiry on flanged expansion rubber joint. Following are the notices for your information.

Firstly make sure to give detailed technical parameter such as diameter, length, pressure and flowing medium in pipeline to rubber pipe expansion joint suppliers.

Then it comes to rubber material selection. EPDM rubber is applicable for high temperature below 150℃, it is acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, power plant desulfurization, lime slurry, gas, etc; NBR is best for oil medium, including hydraulic oil, aviation oil and other aviation oil, the temperature below 80 degrees; NR is best suited for water, air, compressed air and temperature below 80℃; IIR is wear-resistant, usually used in mining occupations, particulate media delivery pipeline; FKM suitable for high temperature pipeline, it has good resistance to weak acid, strong acid; some applications require Teflon lining inside the rubber pipe expansion joint to resist acid, alkali, emulsion, dilute sulfuric acid, it better to use with temperature range of -40℃ to 150℃, and other special mining environment.

Other notices that need to know: flanged expansion rubber joint should be far away from heat. Bolts should be tightened by symmetry gradually to avoid partial leakage. Fixed support or fixed bracket is necessary when actual axial pressure on rubber pipe expansion joint is bigger than support of pipeline. Actual axial pressure on flanged expansion rubber joint should be less than the support of pipeline to avoid possible pulling off.

The Chinese Spring Festival holiday begin from 10th, Feb. to 22th, Feb., if you have new enquiry awaiting for quotation, please send to us as soon as possible.

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