Five Tips to Install the Flap Valve

2018-07-03 09:24:00

The big flap valve links to fast multi-leaf flap valve through two hinges. The flap valve are the most frequently used in the daily life. In this paper, the author would like to make a brief introduction to the five steps of the five steps to install the flap valve.

In the past, the hinge used in flap valve is cylinder hinge, this structure has problem of poor water-stop, it means when water head is small, the water pressure impacted on flap valve is not enough to overcome the counter force of water seal compression, and it may cause insufficiency touch between bottom water seal and water seal face. if you require well touch between them, then when water head is large, the top water seal will has inferior effect because of no compression. Therefore, people optimized the hinge structure, and they use horizontal long circle hole and cylinder axis structure instead, which guaranteed that when flap valve at any water head, water seal at all around is able to uniform contact with water seal face, and make water seal always in good condition. Meanwhile, the water seal surface is designed in inclined condition, which makes flap valve contact with water seal surface only depends on dead load.

flap valve

Flap Valve

Five tips to install the flap valve:

(1). Flap valve can connect to flange, or weld to the pre-buried board, or twice pouring.

(2). For the usage of buoyancy tank flap valve, you can change the valve door proportion by water injection to annular seal space, in order to reach the excellent open effect.

(3). After installation, it belongs to normal phenomenon if there is a 3mm-gap, when valve door bears certain reversed compression, the gap will reduce or disappear.

(4). During the usage of flap valve, please make sure there has no stone, branch and other sundries that may block up the running pass and sealing ring.

(5). Please frequently clean the dirt below the flap valve, and keep a well lubricating and flexible open at branch holes and hinged shaft.

Flap valve is often seen in gate, and it is the essential fitting for gate. Flap valve is widely used in chemical engineering, petroleum, hydro-junction project. Moreover,it is the important part in hydraulic structure. In the production of flap valve, rust protection technology is more important. Strictly checking the rust-proof oxidation film coating is meaningful to prevent flap valve corrosion. If not use the flap valve for a long time, please store it in a dry place, and clean the dirt at a regular period, also avoiding affected with damp. For in service flap valve, when stop using, please clean the dirt and add lubricating oil, keep dry before re-use. Please maintain the flexibility between each component.

The above mentioned text is a brief introduction to the five steps to install the flap valve,which is a frequently used equipment in the daily life. Henan lanphan is a company which is proficient in the flap valve manufacture. Lanphan boats a fine reputation both home and abroad. If you want to know more, please contact with the [email protected]

We are wiling to provide you as much information as possible.

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