Where to Find A Reliable Spool Rubber Expansion Joint Supplier?

2018-04-12 11:44:00
Summary :Spool type rubber expansion joint is designed for the non-standard products, it has the same function with molded type rubber expansion joint. Do you know where to find a reliable spool rubber expansion joint supplier?

Spool type rubber expansion joint is designed for the non-standard products, it has the same function with molded type rubber expansion joint, they are all used for compensating system pressure spikes and accommodating axial, lateral and angular movements.

rubber expansion joint supplier

spool rubber expansion joint

Spool type is more expensive than molded type, so do you know why rubber expansion joint suppliers still fabricate spool rubber expansion joint for sale? As a rubber expansion joint supplier, we receive inquires from all over the world, and molded type standard rubber expansion joints are not applicable for all working condition, most working environment require non-standard products to fit for using. In this circumstance, rebuild a mould or revise a mould is too expensive, rubber expansion joint suppliers always recommend customers to order a spool one.

What circumstances should you choose spool rubber expansion joint?

First, length different from standard type, whether too short or too long;

Second, small diameter products require rubber expansion joint suppliers to fabricate full face flange, floating flange rubber joint is difficult to be fabricated to spool type;

Third, drill hole is differ from standard, especially oversize center distance, mould can not meet requirements.

Whether caused by gradual shifting over time or due to design limitations, pipe misalignments are all but unavoidable in larger plumbing and piping systems. And every system experiences movement and vibration that must be accounted for to avoid damage. To fit the dimensions and requirements of your system, every spool type expansion joint we provide is a custom-designed and –manufactured product.

We can provide spool joints in any elastomer material your application requires. Material selection is based on a number of factors, including process temperatures and pressures, chemical compatibility, and sealing requirements, among others.

Your custom spool joints can be manufactured with a Teflon® liner, as needed, to withstand harsh chemicals and challenging operating conditions.

To guarantee that your spool type expansion joint delivers optimum performance and longevity in your system, we use a series of questions that we call STAMP. Please keep these questions in mind when specifying your spool joint:

S: Size of the spool joint

T: Temperature range in which the spool joint will be used

A: Application in which the spool joint will be used

M: Media that will pass through the spool joint

P: Pressure range in which the spool joint will be used

What’s the difference between spool and molded type rubber expansion joint?

For molded type rubber expansion joint suppliers, the mould is made according to different country standard, although preliminary mold production cost is high, but the standard rubber expansion joint order amount is very big, in total the price is preferential a lot with the long time. And mold vulcanization of rubber joint can product non-standard length according to the height of the extended mold.

Spool rubber expansion joint supplier manufacture spool type by hand built process, adjusting the rubber joint spacing rod can well adjust rubber joint length, suitable for different environments, and rubber joint products need not manufactured mould so length can be adjusted, but the price cost is higher.

In summary, model selection should on basis of actual working conditions. We Henan Lanphan is a qualified rubber expansion joint supplier in China, our products exported to worldwide countries and areas, if you are looking for rubber expansion joint supplier, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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