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Five types of the bellows


Abstract:bellows plays an irreplaceable role in many respects such as petrifaction,instruments and apparatus,aerospace,chemical engineering,electric power,cement etc.Today I will introduce you the five types of corrugated pipes which include metal bellows, bellows expansion joints,bellows heat exchange tubes, diaphragm bellows and metal hoses. The bellows is a tubular elastic sensing element which can be joined by folding […]

what are the functions of the bellows?


bellows are also called compensator. It is a flexible, easily retractable pipe fitting.bellows are widely used in our daily life, Whether in home decoration, instrumentation, chemical industry, manufacturing, etc., bellows can be seen. In the previous text,I have introduced much about the bellows,such as the kinds,installation,application of the bellows.Today I will underline the function of […]

Seven types of the expansion joints

rubber expansion joint

The expansion joints are also known as contraction joints or Pipe compensation connector for connecting pumps, valves, pipes and other equipment to pipes.During the maintenance and installation process, the expansion joint can be adjusted according to the size of the field installation.Because the widely use of the expansion joints,designers invent many kinds of expansion joints […]

Three functions of the expansion joint

rubber expansion joint

According to statistics, expansion joints have huge markets at home and abroad.With the advancement of technology, the level of China’s manufacturing of expansion joints is also getting higher and higher.However, due to the increasing number of companies that manufacture expansion joints, there are also cases where the quality of the expansion joints is uneven.that’s what […]

How to buy expansion joints

rubber expansion joint

expansion joints are widely used in pip fittings. But in the ,market,the quality of the expansion joints are uneven.Poor quality expansion joints can cost consumers a lot of avoid this situation,consumers should pay attention to the purchase process, purchase price favorable high-quality expansion joints.Now I will tell you how to buy the expansion joints. […]

What’s the structure characteristics and using range of the rubber joint?

rubber joint

Abstract:what’s the structure characteristics and using range of the rubber joint?The text following will answer you. Our company’s rubber joint is generally composed of fabric reinforced rubber,parallel movable joint,loose metal flange or threaded pipe flange and it has the function of vibration isolation,noise reduction and displacement compensation. Structural characteristics of rubber joints:In terms of structure, […]

What shall we pay attention to in rubber joint installation?today we introduce the requirements of rubber joints installation.

rubber expansion joint

Abstract:there are many matters need to pay attention to in rubber joint installation,but many people don’t know clearly. Now Henan lanphan industrial co., LTD will tell you the matters need to pay attention to. Many customers in the purchase of rubber joint products, do not know the matters needing attention in the installation, today henan […]

What are the consequences of non-standard installation of the rubber soft joints.

rubber soft joints

Abstract:without standard installation will cause serious consequence or reduce service life. Rubber soft joints is an equipment installed on the pipelines.Although it has many advantages in using,such as vibration and noise reduction and convenient to carry or and install.but if you don’t install properly or don’t install accordance with the installation specifications,it will cause serious […]

What kind of rubber flexible joint is divided into according to its structure?

rubber flexible joint

Single sphere rubber flexible joint can widely used as flexible connector of various metal can be used the transport of solid, liquid or gas and it can effectively reduce vibration and noise, compensation displacement, and also can eliminate the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage caused by temperature changes, in the vibration of equipment and […]

What are the 8 additives when making rubber expansion joints?

When making rubber expansion joints,we usually add some additives,what are the commonly used additives? 1. rubber vulcanization When making rubber joints, cooperating with sulfur the rubber vulcanization can prevent vulcanization from returning to the original ,improve the heat resistance,reduce heat generation,aging resistance,increase the adhesive force between rubber and cord and the quantity of vulcanized rubber […]