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The advantage of bellows

Abstract:according to construction or material,bellows can be divided into metal bellows and non metal bellows.In addition to structural materials, the bellows can be divided into single-layer bellows and double-layer bellows. The bellows is a tubular elastic sensing element which is folded in the direction of folding and contraction by a foldable crepe sheet. In addition, […]

Six Tips for Installing Bellows

The bellows is a tubular elastic sensor which is formed by folding foldable corrugated sheets in the direction of folding and contracting.bellows are widely used in the instruments field.As a key measuring component, the main function of the bellows is to convert the pressure into displacement or pressure.Bellows are often used in conjunction with displacement […]

Five types of the bellows

Abstract:bellows plays an irreplaceable role in many respects such as petrifaction,instruments and apparatus,aerospace,chemical engineering,electric power,cement etc.Today I will introduce you the five types of corrugated pipes which include metal bellows, bellows expansion joints,bellows heat exchange tubes, diaphragm bellows and metal hoses. The bellows is a tubular elastic sensing element which can be joined by folding […]

what are the functions of the bellows?

bellows are also called compensator. It is a flexible, easily retractable pipe fitting.bellows are widely used in our daily life, Whether in home decoration, instrumentation, chemical industry, manufacturing, etc., bellows can be seen. In the previous text,I have introduced much about the bellows,such as the kinds,installation,application of the bellows.Today I will underline the function of […]