GJQ(X)-DF-I Single Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint

GJQ(X)-DF-I type flexible rubber expansion joint consists of rubber body and metal flanges or screw thread, which is used in metal pipe system for vibration isolation, reducing noise and displacement compensation. The rubber flexible joint consists of inner layer rubber, reinforcing layer with polyester cord fabric and outside layer rubber with compounded rubber pipeline.

GJQ(X)-DF-I type flexible rubber expansion joint can choose any kind of inner layer rubber material and outer material, such as IIR, CR, EPDM, NR, NBR and so on. The external and internal layers of rubber material can be different. But skeleton layer of rubber joint are produced by polyester fabric and enhancement layer has a steel wire ring. Flange material is also diverse, common material is like Q235 SS304 and SS316.