PTFE Lined Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint

enan Lanphan PTFE lined rubber expansion joints is a kind of rubber expansion joints that lining with PTFE material on normal rubber expansion joints, the coating mainly is white color, can efficiently protect the rubber expansion joints from being corroded by medium, such as strong acid and strong alkali, or high temperature oil medium.

The machinery and physical property of normal rubber expansion joints won’t be effected at all, it can still compensate pipeline shock, absorb pipeline displacement, reduce pipeline noise. PTFE coating can closely attached to pipeline inwall, efficiently prevent coating separation that caused by medium washing, stretch and shrink. PTFE lined rubber expansion joints has features of vibration reduction, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, flexible and rub resistance, it can be used as supply and drainage pipeline for basin, chemical engineering, corrosion, vulcanization tank car equipment, also other special usage.