What should we pay attention to when installing metal expansion joints?

metal expansion joint is a kind of expansion joint,they are connected by the bolt.In addition, metal expansion joints are new products that connect valves, pumps and other equipment and pipe fittings.the size of metal expansion joint can be adjusted during decoration according to the requirement.metal expansion joint can transfer the axial force to the whole pipeline system during use.today,I will introduce you the precautions when install the metal expansion joint.

Metal expansion joints can be used to compensate for axial, lateral and angular changes in the absorber due to heat changes.besides metal expansion joint can absorb the deformation caused by pipeline vibration and earthquake.so the installation of the metal expansion is very important.Improper installation of metal expansion joints can pose a potential hazard. When considering the installation of metal expansion joints, we can consider the following points.

Metal expansion joints
Metal expansion joints

1.Before installing the metal expansion joints, it is best to check the specifications, model and piping configuration of the metal expansion joints in advance.Also, the installation of the expansion joint must meet the design needs. For expansion joints, the direction of installation should be consistent with the direction of media flow.

2.We need to install an expansion joint between the two fixing brackets, and the two fixing brackets must have the same diameter. Secondly, the two fixed supports must have sufficient strength, and the insulating material connected to the metal joint does not contain chloride ions.

3.It is strictly forbidden to adjust the installation of the pipe by the deformation of the metal expansion joint, which will affect the expansion function of the expansion joint, shorten its service life and increase the load of the pipeline and auxiliary components. In addition, we need to condense the expansion joints and remove the auxiliary parts that interfere with the deformation after installing the pipeline.

4.During the installation of the metal expansion joint, the weld slag is not allowed to splash on the surface of the wave shell and other mechanical damage is not allowed. During the hydraulic pressure test, the secondary retainer tube with the telescopic expansion joint should be reinforced so that the pipe cannot move or rotate.

5.Yellow auxiliary line and fasteners for the installation and transport of the expansion joints should be removed as soon as possible after the installation of the pipeline. And in accordance with the design requirements, the limit device is adjusted to the specified position, so that the pipeline can be fully compensated under environmental conditions.

Metal expansion joints
Metal expansion joints

These are some of the tips we need to be aware of when installing metal expansion joints, including pre-installation, installation, and issues to be aware of after installation. If you want to know more about metal expansion joints, please contact us.

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