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Henan Lanphan Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in rubber joints and pipe fittings. We have a lot of products, which can be used in Chemical, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industries, refrigeration, sanitation, water heating, fire protection, electric power and other basic projects. As rubber flexible joints manufacturer in Henan, welcome to visit us if you have any need.

Threaded Connection Rubber Expansion Joint
Threaded Connection Rubber Expansion Joint

The rubber flexible joints, made up of Inner rubber layer and fabric reinforcement layer (reinforcement layer has multiple layers of scraped nylon cord fabric), middle rubber layer, outer rubber layer and end reinforcement metal ring or wire ring, is vulcanized by high temperature and high pressure. It can match with with metal flange or parallel joint loosening sleeve when working.

According to performance, it can be divided into three main categories: general, special and heat resistant.

1. General type: it is suitable for water from -15°-80°C and Acid solution or alkali solution concentration below 10%.

2. Special type: Suitable for special performance requirements, such as oil resistance, plug resistance, ozone resistance, wear resistance and good chemical corrosion resistance.

3. Heat resistant type: suitable for carrying single ball rubber joints and water at temperature above 80°C.

According to the connecting way between products and pipes, it can be divided into three categories: loose flange, fixed flange and threaded flange.

According to the structure, it can be roughly divided into five types: single sphere, double sphere, different diameter sphere, curved sphere, and air pressure coil. In addition, different diameter sphere can be divided into concentric equal diameter, concentric different diameter and eccentric different diameter.

In industrial pipelines, the rubber quality will directly affect the long-term use of rubber flexible joints in pipelines. Under repeated working conditions, rubber molecular chain breaks to form free Tsuen. If not replaced in time, the rubber soft joints will cause joints physical expansion in a short time under the pipe pressure (such as Pipeline vibration, pipeline inside pressure too large). Once a slight crack appears on the surface of the rubber soft joint, it will gradually expand and cause fracture. Therefore, in order to overhaul more conveniently, the joint surface is forbidden to paint and wind thermal insulation material.

Rubber expansion joint mould
Rubber expansion joint mould

Our advantages:

1. we have single product hydraulic equipment, which can guarantee high pressure products form just for one time.

2. We have professional testing team and they can monitor products quality in real time.

3. The production process is in omnidirectional monitoring, ensuring that every production process and details are under control.

4. Sufficient raw material reserves can guarantee shipment in time.

5. Cooperating with many schools in China and guaranteeing the progressiveness of product technology.

Our service:

1. According to the products usage, the technicians provide customers with reasonable suggestions and help them choose the right type.

2. Salesman provide detailed products performance specification.

3. Providing professional quotation details.

4. Providing 24-hour technical consultation.

Rubber joint forming
Rubber joint forming

The above is Rubber flexible joints manufacturer in Henan. If you have need, you can contact with us. Henan Lanphan Industy Co.,Ltd has a first-class technical team, professional production facilities. We focus on manufacturing high quality rubber joints. our products: rubber bellows, flexible rubber soft joints, flexible single-sphere rubber soft joints, flexible double-sphere rubber soft joints, thread connection rubber soft joints, different-diameter rubber soft joints, rubber duct joints, metal expansion joints, etc. Henan Lanphan Industry CO.,Ltd has received good reputation both home and abroad. Over the 20 years, we have being devoting to manufacturing and producing pipe fittings and lab equipment. If you want to know more or purchase our products, please contact with us as soon as possible. We are very glad to help you. Our email is

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