What’s the structure characteristics and using range of the rubber joint?

Abstract:what’s the structure characteristics and using range of the rubber joint?The text following will answer you.

Our company’s rubber joint is generally composed of fabric reinforced rubber,parallel movable joint,loose metal flange or threaded pipe flange and it has the function of vibration isolation,noise reduction and displacement compensation.

rubber joint
rubber joint

Structural characteristics of rubber joints:In terms of structure, rubber joint, as shock absorber, pipeline shock absorber, shock absorber throat and soft joint, is a flexible coupling of metal pipe, which is composed of rubber sphere and loose metal flange with inner rubber layer, nylon cord cloth and outer rubber layer.In the production process, the inner layer is under high pressure, the nylon cord fabric and the rubber layer are better combined, the working pressure is higher and the quality is better than the ordinary flexible rubber joint.

It is characterized by the inner rubber layer mixed together, smooth seamless mark, the use of vulcanization process, combined with the product.Flexible rubber joint has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, good elasticity, large displacement, balanced pipeline deviation, vibration absorption, noise reduction equivalent, easy installation, etc.

2.Different occasions, customers can choose the appropriate rubber joints to be installed in the pipeline system according to their own environment. The rubber joints used in special environments are rubber with high temperature resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance and high air tightness. Commonly used are silicone rubber, chlorohydrin rubber, nitrile rubber, urethane rubber and butyl rubber.

rubber joint
rubber joint

The flexible rubber joint has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, good elasticity, large displacement, convenient installation and maintenance, remarkable shock absorption and noise reduction effect, and the rubber flexible joint has good comprehensive performance and can be widely used for water supply. Drainage, water pump, fire, wind turbine, compressor, ship, chemical, electric power and other piping systems.

Moreover, the rubber joint can be displaced axially or laterally during installation, and is not restricted by the fact that the pipe is not open and the flange is not parallel.

The rubber joints produced by Henan Lanfan are of high quality and complete in variety, and have various materials, which can be produced according to customer’s requirements.

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