The advantages of expansion joints

Abstract: Expansion joints are new products used in pipes, pumps, valves and so on. It is also widely used in life. In this article, I will show you the advantages of expansion joints.

Expansion joints are new products used in pipes, pumps, valves and so on. Expansion joints can connect pipes by bolts, making them a whole part. In addition, expansion joints can change displacement and also compensate for distance change. In this article, i will briefly show you the advantages of expansion joints.

rubber expansion joints
rubber expansion joints

Generally speaking, expansion joints can be divided into many types, such as AY flange expansion joint, AF flange loose sleeve expansion joint, BF single flange limit expansion joint, B2F double flange limit expansion joint, BY flange loose end limit expansion joint, CF single flange transfer joint, C2F double flange expansion joint, which are all made of QT-400,Q235A,HT20,304L,316L material.

rubber expansion joint
rubber expansion joint

The following are advantages of expansion joints:

1. Expansion joints play an very important role in piping installation and can also compensate for the temperature changes of pipes and bellows, which bring great convenience for installation.

2. The size of expansion joints can be adjusted according to actual needs. It can not only increase efficiency, but also provide protection for pumps, valves and other equipment.

3. Expansion joints can be used in many fields, the most common in pipe connection. In addition, it also leads an important role in transportation, which can reduce transportation costs.

4. Expansion joints are easy to install and can also bear the axial tensile force of piping.

5. Expansion joints are made by metal casting or welding. Under the action of gland and bolt, the trapezoidal rubber ring is used as a loose part, so it has better sealing.

6. The expansion joint in the pipeline can effectively compensate and reduce the force of the pipeline, and bring convenience for the installation and maintenance of pumps and valves. It is an ideal product in the maintenance and installation of piping.

The above is the brief introduction of the advantages of expansion joints. The advantages include easy installation, force compensation, size adjustment and others. If you want to know more about it, please contact with us.

Threaded Connection Rubber Expansion Joint
Threaded Connection Rubber Expansion Joint

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