What shall we pay attention to in rubber joint installation?today we introduce the requirements of rubber joints installation.

Abstract:there are many matters need to pay attention to in rubber joint installation,but many people don’t know clearly. Now Henan lanphan industrial co., LTD will tell you the matters need to pay attention to.

Many customers in the purchase of rubber joint products, do not know the matters needing attention in the installation, today henan lanphan introduce it to you.

rubber expansion joint
rubber expansion joint

1. in the rubber joint installation,it must be in a natural state,don’t deform the product artificially.

2. .when the medium of the pipe is acid, alkali ,oil and high temperature resistant and other special materials joints with a gear higher than the working pressure of the pipe should be selected.

3. the rubber Joint is applicable for the medium that is normal water temperature from 0 ° C to 60 ° C.but with special material such as:oil,acid-base,high temperature ,corrosion,and other hard cases we should choose relatively deserved special resistant material rubber joint, not blindly or universal use.

4. The rubber joint used in the inlet and outlet of the pump,should be installed in the large diameter outlet of the variable diameter.

5. When the pip displacement is greater than or equal to the max compensation of the joint,we need to increase the quantity of the joints to parallel the displacement.it’s strictly prohibited to adjust the pip deviation and make the joints in a state of extreme deflection or deviation,not to exceed the limit(expansion,displacement,deflection,etc)the specific installation data are shown in the table bellow.

6.high level water supply or suspend water supply ,the pip should fixed in the hanger,bracket or the shelves,can’t let the pip bear the weight of the pipeline and the axis force,or the joints should equipped with an anti-pulling device(the bearing capacity must be greater than the axis force of the pipeline).

7.after the rubber joint subjected to the initial pressure( installation pressure text for example)or before it is used again after long term disuse,the bolt should be re-pressurized and tighten before it is put into operation.

8.when use or store the rubber joint,we need to avoid high temperature,ozone oil and acid-base environment.sunshade rack should be built for out door or sunshine-facing and windward pipelines.Exposure,rainy and turbidity are strictly prohibited.the joint interface strictly prohibited to paint and wrap thermal insulation material.rubber products due to aging problem,should be timely inspection and replacement.

9.it’s strictly prohibited to exceed the displacement limit when the rubber joints are installed.

10.install the bolts symmetrically and tighten them step by step to prevent local leakage.

11. when rubber joints are installed horizontally, vertically and in suspension.the actual working axis displacement pressure of the rubber joint should be less than the supporting force of the pipeline.otherwise the anti-pull-out device should be equipped to prevent pull-out under working pressure.

12. rubber joint should be far away from the heat source,ozone area .strong radiation light, exposure and use media that don’t meet the requirements of the product are strictly prohibited.

Double sphere rubber joint
Double sphere rubber joint

The above is the installation method of the rubber joint in various environment.Henan Lanphan industrial co.,ltd has strong technical strength and scientific research ability ,with more than ten years experience in the manufacture of rubber joint and consistent reliable quality known in the world, in the market won a wide range of good reputation.

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