What are the consequences of non-standard installation of the rubber soft joints.

Abstract:without standard installation will cause serious consequence or reduce service life.

Rubber soft joints is an equipment installed on the pipelines.Although it has many advantages in using,such as vibration and noise reduction and convenient to carry or and install.but if you don’t install properly or don’t install accordance with the installation specifications,it will cause serious consequences or reduce the service life of the machine.

rubber soft joints
rubber soft joints

1.leakage:the leakage is generally because of the non-standard installation.tightening screws is a very important process relative Angle tightening method can not be changed,or if will cause local seal lax and lead to leakage.

2. rato situation:Pulled off is because installation pipeline of actual amount stretching, more than the limit tensile length of soft rubber joints, which leads to the flange from the ends of the sphere was forced to pull out, in this case, please change in time use double sphere soft rubber joints, or add spacing device to use in the rubber joint, limit device in addition to stretch on rubber joint has certain limitations, for the vibration of the pipeline and reduces a lot of improvement.

3.Immersion deformation:This happens in installed in the pipeline for ordinary soft rubber joints, because the oil will have a corrosion effect on rubber, so long time of soaking has the corrosion of soft rubber joints, will appear edema, resulting in seal problem and a drop in the quality of their own, so must choose oil resistant rubber joint in the pipeline.

rubber soft joints
rubber soft joints

4.Dimensional deformation:The size deformation of the rubber soft joint is due to the strong distortion of the pipe.Due to the high inclination of some pipelines during installation, they may be distorted during delivery. The rubber soft joint is a kind of special anti-pressure product, but there is no alternative to the distortion. In this case, please replace the rubber joint with the high-pressure resistant rubber joint.

This above are the simple summary of non-standard installation of soft rubber joints and its consequences .I hope this text is helpful to you.

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