What are the 8 additives when making rubber expansion joints?

When making rubber expansion joints,we usually add some additives,what are the commonly used additives?

1. rubber vulcanization

When making rubber joints, cooperating with sulfur the rubber vulcanization can prevent vulcanization from returning to the original ,improve the heat resistance,reduce heat generation,aging resistance,increase the adhesive force between rubber and cord and the quantity of vulcanized rubber modulus.it used for loading tire shoulder rubber,buffer layer and other rubber.It can solve the problem of slant truck tire shoulder space, and also can be used for large size thick rubber products and various rubber sundry goods of natural rubber.

rubber vulcanization
rubber vulcanization

2,rubber accelerator

Rubber accelerator is abbreviated as accelerator.A substance that can promote vulcanization,can shorten the vulcanizing time of the rubber or lower the vulcanizing time ,decrease the dosage of vulcanizing agent and improve the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber.

3.rubber antioxidant.

There are many kinds of antiager with different functions.they can be divided into anti-thermal oxygen aging anti-aging agent, anti-ozone aging anti-aging agent, harmful metal ion action inhibitors, anti-fatigue anti-aging agent, anti-ultraviolet radiation anti-aging agent according to the function, but each of the anti-aging agent is often not a proprietary anti-aging agent

4. rubber filler

No matter nature rubber or synthetic rubber,the amount of filler in most processed rubber products accounts for 10–50% of the total weight.The applied rubber filler almost include all filler varieties and the main method is mixing.According to the requirements of abrasion, elongation, hardness, tensile strength, permanent deformation, tear strength, elasticity and other requirements of rubber products, different additives are selected and added to improve their performance and economy.

5.rubber adhesive

Synthetic rubber adhesive is a synthetic adhesive made of synthetic rubber as the base material.

6.rubber softeners

Softener is an auxiliary agent used to improve the proceessability and usability of rubber, which can increase the plasticity of rubber, reduce the viscosity of rubber and the temperature of mixing, improve the dispersion and mixing, and increase the tensile strength, elongation and wear resistance of vulcanized rubber.

7. Rubber colorant

Colorant is a kind of rubber ingredients whose function is to obtain the required color .in order to achieve certain mechanical properties,carbon black is usually added in the adhesive.

8. Rubber active agent

The function of rubber active agent in rubber formulation:1.Activated vulcanization system.2.Increase the crosslinking density of vulcanized rubber. 3.Improve the aging resistance of vulcanized rubber, give full play to the role of organic accelerator, reduce the dosage and shorten the curing time.

Through today’s understanding you should be in the process of making rubber expansion joints in the use of some additives should have some understanding of it!

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