What kind of rubber flexible joint is divided into according to its structure?

Single sphere rubber flexible joint can widely used as flexible connector of various metal pipes.it can be used the transport of solid, liquid or gas and it can effectively reduce vibration and noise, compensation displacement, and also can eliminate the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage caused by temperature changes, in the vibration of equipment and metal pipe installed between a group of rubber soft joints, can reduce the noise transmission 15~25dB, is a very convenient and widely used product.so, what kind of rubber flexible joint is divided into?

rubber flexible joint
rubber flexible joint

1. Single ball flexible rubber joint.

As the name implies, its main body is composed of a rubber sphere layer.Its internal structure is the inner rubber layer, curtain cloth framework layer, steel wire ring, outer rubber layer, need to cooperate with loose metal flange or fixed rubber flange use, according to the use of media and different working pressure, to choose different materials and connection mode, in order to meet different usages and requirements.

2. Multi-ball rubber soft joint

It is composed of several rubber balls which is a kind of high elasticity, high air tightness, resistance to medium and weather resistance pipe joints. using high strength, small changes in cold and hot polyester cord cloth oblique and composite, through high pressure, high temperature vulcanization, so it can withstand greater pressure.

3.Reduced rubber soft joint

It can be divided into concentric reducer and eccentric reducer, which are mainly used to solve the connection problem of pipes with different diameters. Eccentric reducer is generally used for horizontal liquid pipelines because the center of the circle is not on the same axis.Concentric reducer is the center of a circle on the same axis, generally used for gas or vertical liquid pipe.It can save the installation parts of pipeline, reduce the cost, and has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, good elasticity, large displacement, balanced pipeline deviation, good vibration and noise reduction effect, and easy installation.

rubber expansion joint
rubber expansion joint

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