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Case of Steel Pipe Couplings Exporting to Chile of Henan Lanphan

Summary : It’s drawing to a close of Henan Lanphan’s SSJB gland loosing expansion joint exporting to Chile in South America. This article is a detailed analysis of products, service, package and inspection to help clients have a all-around understanding of our company.

On March 16, 2016, our Chile client, Louis, came a long way from South America to check the SSJB gland loosing expansion joints in production. He was warmly welcomed by chairman Liu Yunzhang, general manager Liu Jingli and business manager Macey Liu. They guided Louis to inspect the first batch steel pipe couplings and Louis thought highly of our products.

Chairman was Meeting with Chile Client

Chairman was Meeting with Chile Client

1.Product Details

Client is the biggest copper manufacturer in the world -- CODELCO. At the beginning of 2016, Louis contacted our company to inquiry information about “TYPE 38 Dresser Coupling”. Benefit from the rich product knowledge, business manager Macey immediately realized that client needed SSJB gland loosing expansion joints of our company by simply communication. Because we have produced a batch of SSJB steel pipe couplings for a Guangzhou client in China in the year of 2014, at that time, client gave us a famous Spanish version sample, from which our SSJB product is what they called Type 38 Coupling, thus, we’re very familiar with this product.

The performance and parameter of “Type 38 Dresser Coupling” is the same with SSJB gland loosing expansion joint s of our company. SSJB gland loosing expansion joint is composed of gland, sleeve and sealing ring, it applies to connecting to pipes in both sides, and has the advantages of no need to weld, structure rational, good sealing and easy to install. Different country has different name habit and standard of steel pipe couplings, that requires foreign trade sellers to have a well understanding of different country and region’s name habit. For instance, the most common seen “Dismantling Joint”, we call it power delivery joint, while foreign countries call it detachable joint. No matter by which name method, the essence is the same.

Project Cases (1)

General Manager of Lanphan Accompanied Client to Check Products

2. Pre-sale Service

There has an 11-hour time difference between China and Chile, this required us to follow up effectively before 8 P.M. If we can’t provide needed information to the client, we would report it back to engineer and manager in next morning, tried our best to solve the problem before client goes to sleep. For the project of CODELCO, Macey made an in-depth understanding of their operating condition, so as to help client confirm production drawing and design plan. Firstly worked out all product’s weight and volume, also listed our date of delivery and warranty period in quotation, at the same time, listed all above mentioned items in e-mail. Finally, we touched the client by our earnest service, Henan Lanphan stood out among numerous competitors and successfully signed a sales contract of SSJB steel pipe couplings over 2000 sets.

3.Production and Package

The Sleeve and Gland of Steel Pipe Couplings in Production

The signed contract of 2100 sets of SSJB gland loosing expansion joints includes three apertures, DN400, DN500 and DN600. The “Type 38 Dresser Coupling” products exported from our company will be delivered by 3 times, we will delivery 485 sets of steel pipe couplings for the first time, 785 sets of steel pipe couplings for the second time and 830 sets of steel pipe couplings for the third time. In order to prevent collision and other external force in transit, we dismantled the pipe couplings to encase and the gland, sleeve, sealing strip and bolt were packaged separately, all of which manifested our superior quality.

Project Cases (3)

Packaged Steel Pipe Couplings

Type 38 Dresser Coupling would be exported to destination from Qingdao port in China by sea, CODELCO would apply them to relevant projects.

Package and Delivery of Steel Pipe Couplings

4.Product Testing

4.1 Hydraulic Pressure Measurement
In order to check and confirm steel joint’s quality and evaluate its structural integrity, Henan Lanphan took Hydro tests to steel pipe couplings. Operating under testing pressure(1.5 times of working pressure) to check whether there has problem of cracking, crack initiation and extension. Only passed the test was allowed to leave factory.

4.2 Flaw Detection
Pressure vessel welding line flaw detection is mainly to control the welding quality of pressure vessel. Flaw detection methods applying to steel pipe coupling includes ultrasonic testing(UT) and X-ray testing. UT has the advantages of easy to handle and low testing cost; while X-ray testing needs to test in lead room that has radiation protection function, or remote-control operate in empty workshop, and X-ray can penetrate steel plate to check all welding flaws so that it costs much more money than UT.

According to custom demand, Henan Lanphan use UT method to do flaw detection for steel pipe couplings. For special demand clients, we will use X-ray testing method or other testing methods according to practical situation.

5.Project Introduction

Project Cases (5)

Type 38 Dresser Coupling

CODELCO is the biggest state-owned mining enterprise in Chile, it has 8 branches to operate its copper mines and copper smelting plants: Andina, Chuquicamata, El Teniente, Salvador and Ventanas.

They purchased our steel pipe couplings to apply to a copper mine project in North Chile, to install them in pipeline which used for cooper mining process water delivery. Our products plays the function of vibration and noise reduction, displacement compensation and greatly extended pipeline’s service life. Meanwhile, steel pipe couplings is widely used in living water supply, petrochemical engineering water supply, biochemical water supply and heat distribution pipeline projects.

6.Company Strength

Our company was established in 1988 and we have produced gland loosing expansion joints, flexible rubber joints, bellows and flexible metal pipes for 28 years. We set 17 departments and workshops: supply department, business department, production department, management department, commerce department, technology department, new product research department, chief engineer office, quality testing department, after-sale service department, office, electric mechanical office, rubber lining workshop, rubber workshop , metal workshop and cold-making workshop. At present, main equipment of our company includes 68 welding equipment, 21 machine adding equipment, 16 vulcanization equipment, 8 rubber refining equipment and 20 lifting equipment, among which our 5X12m vulcanizer is known as “the First Vulcanizer in Asia”. Besides, we have stretch laboratory, impact laboratory, thickness tester, sclerometer, flaw detection instrument and hydraulic pressure testing instrument.

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