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Spool Type Rubber Expansion Joints

Short Desription

  • Brand Lanphan
  • Color Customized
  • Origin Zhengzhou, Henan, China
  • Working pressure 2.5Mpa



Spool type rubber expansion joint s has the same function with mould pressing type rubber expansion joints, used in metal pipe system for vibration isolation, reducing noise and displacement compensation.

Comparing to compression molding rubber expansion joints, spool type rubber expansion joints mainly showed two merits:

1. Flexible structure, it can satisfy different installation length and different flange connection dimension requirements. Since mould pressing product is limited by mould size, the length are all the same, after many year’s technology improvement, Lanphan spool type rubber expansion joints has already met all kinds of structure, we can manufacture non-standard products of singe sphere, double sphere, triple sphere, four sphere spool type rubber expansion joints.

2. High pressure bearing effect. Since spool type rubber expansion joints are not limited by mould size, its skeleton layers is 2-4 couples more than mould pressing products, therefore, it has higher pressure bearing capacity, when come across negative pressure, we can add negative pressure resistant steel wire or made inner wall into straight tube shape to meet using requirements. Besides above, Lanphan spool type rubber expansion joints has advantages of the following:

Compared with mechanical stretch and stuffing to absorb vibration, spool type rubber expansion joints occupies small space, weight light, save labor and low cost.
To the same limit ability, it doesn’t need increase pump and pipe diameter. The inner wall is smooth, which can reduce the flow resistance without damaging the pipeline body.
Good water tightness, no padded during installation.
Wide range of application: choosing different rubber compounding that makes it has the performance of heat-resistance, oil-resistance, anti-corrosion, aging-resistance, wear-resistance and ozone-resistance.
Wide range of heat-resistance: good material can make the product have a wide range of heat-resistance: -40~120°C
Long service life: more than 30 years used indoors, not less than 30 years used outdoors where the working condition is very harsh.

Good elasticity, having a good adaptability to compression, stretch, twist, displacement in all directions, avoiding the damage of pipeline system because of thermal expansion and foundation settlement measurement.

Reducing vibration and absorbing noise
Rubber material can buffer vibration and reduce mechanical vibration and absorb crush noise of the liquid.
Intaking it between vibrating machinery and metal pipelines, which can reduce noise of 15~25 DB.

Resistance to pressure
Multilayer sphere structure is especially suitable for bearing internal pressure, explosive force. Spool type rubber expansion joints won’t be out of shape when bearing outside pressure.
Working pressure: 0.25Mpa, 0.6Mpa, 1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa.

It can resile after compression load deflection, while metal expansion won’t resile after compression load deflection.

Wide range of application
Suitable for indoor installation.
Suitable for outdoor installation.
Suitable for buried installation.