New to Stainless Steel Metal Bellows? You Must Read This Post

2018-03-20 14:39:00
Summary :Are you new to stainless steel metal bellows? Don’t worry, the purpose of this post is to help beginners get a overall view of stainless steel pipe bellows.

Are you new to stainless steel metal bellows? Don’t worry, the purpose of this post is to help beginners get a overall view of stainless steel pipe bellows. Before you get started with stainless steel pipe bellows, it’s important to know some basic facts.

Bellows are a versatile component, having the characteristics of both a piston and spring. They are used in dozens of different sensing, fluid handling, and actuation applications.

metal bellows

stainless steel metal bellows

The versatility of bellows, however, also creates some design challenges. Bellows behave differently, depending on how you load them. Like a spring, bellows exhibit hysteresis and linearity effects that must be considered in any design. A given bellow, for example, can have one set of lifecycle, pressure, and stroke characteristics when compressed under an axial load, and an entirely different set when expanded with an internal pressure.

stainless steel bellows

   stainless steel bellows

What are stainless steel metal bellows?

The stainless steel pipe bellows looks like a metal spring in shape, it is an elastic component that use its characteristic of flexibility to absorb vibration by thermal expansion in pipeline systems. Due to its good flexibility, it will back to original shape if the pressure is off.

stainless steel bellows has following advantages:

Seamless bellows have low variances and thus a stable performance (especially with regard to spring rate).

Possibility for micro-leakages in the weld area is reduced. As metal bellows have key positions in many systems, bursting or leakage of them would be disastrous. Beside of danger, a replacement would be extremely cost-intensive.

Lowering the probability of contamination around a weld-seam. In the field of medium voltage energy distribution for example, vacuum circuit breakers contain a vacuum interrupter with stainless steel bellow that allows movements of the contact while maintaining the vacuum inside. For such applications, the surface is of particular importance in order to guarantee a secure performance. Seamless bellows impress as ultra-clean, safe and long-lasting components.

What industry does stainless steel pipe bellows apply to?

What industry does a stainless steel pipe bellows apply to? In other words, what are stainless steel metal bellows used for? It has a wide application range that covers almost all works of life, but one thing you must be aware is, each metal bellows in different type is designed for its unique working environment considering of temperature, pressure, corrosion or movements. Common application industries include petrochemical, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, power generation, mining, paper making, waste water treatment, etc..

How many accessories composed of a stainless steel metal bellows?

An elastic bellows is the major component for a stainless steel metal bellows, besides, other accessories is also important to it. Some metal bellows are installed with two tie rods to restrain full pressure thrust, but it only applicable for lateral movements. And control devices are used to restrict or distribute movements during typical application. Hinges restrict movement to angular only. A guide liner is designed to prevent abrasive or corrosive flowing medium from hurting the inner surface of bellows. In the same way, a cover is used to protect the external surface of bellows, efficiently prevent welding spatter, mechanical damage and so on.

How to connect the stainless steel pipe bellows to a pipe?

Basically there are two connection ways. The most commonly used is flange connection, different flange standards are selected to fit with piping in worldwide areas. Our stainless steel pipe bellows support ANSI, JIS, DIN, etc. All flanges can be made from stainless steel, carbon steel, or other material as you request. And floating flange is available. Another connection way is welding, it takes more time on installation than flange connection. Stainless steel or alloys can be freely choose as you request.

If you are new to stainless steel metal bellows, I hope this post will be a good start for you. Contact us today for latest catalog and price list! Email: [email protected]

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