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Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional pipe fitting manufacturer who are engaged in the production and sales of rubber expansion joints, metal bellows, metal expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, metal hoses, rubber lined pipes, rubber check valve, etc.

The company’s registered trademark is “Lanphan”. We have a young and energetic team. The team members are highly educated and qualified. They know how to operate and manage; they understand how to be a harmonious unit and adept in self-improvement. We strive to build a team which is based on “people oriented, work in earnest”. We provide a coordinated-process service for our clients during the whole purchase process.

The company consists of: administrative department, finance department, research and development department, purchase department, E-commerce department, foreign trade department. We provide high quality products and service for the clients relying on “profession and specification”, and create opportunities and wealth.

We will adhere to the concept “loyalty, responsibility, being professional, honour ” and stimulate all the staff to be of one heart and one mind, work with collective wisdom and concerted efforts, in order to achieve the shared business. Under the efforts of our team, our products are exported to America, Poland, Belgium, Turkey, Iran, India, Vietnam and other countries and regions.

“The movement of heaven is full of power, thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring. The earth's condition is receptive devotion, thus the superior man who has breadth of character carries the outer world.” Thanks for your support and love, we will work harder and return our clients with high-quality products and high-efficiency service.

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